Paris Atelier

Invited to install an exhibition in the sculptural space of the “Orbe New York” at Palais de Tokyo, students from Columbia University’s Laboratory for Applied Building Science, under the Direction of Phillip Anzalone, created a temporary installation that distorts and amplifies one’s sense of self within the confines of the exhibition space.  This inaugural 2013 exhibition of a five-year research initiative was developed with the visiting artist Tomas Saraceno at the Paris Atelier in in Columbia’s Global Center in Europe.  The Paris Atelier is an advanced academic program that endeavors to provide a platform to explore the role of the Architect as a Critical Maker - a designer and artist of tangible objects that explore the role of architecture in contemporary culture while engaging the reality of design and construction.  This installation re-positions the ever-evolving boundaries between sculpture and architecture  as it dares to redefine the spatial relationships between the two.