A+V Soho Flagship Store

Located across from the New Museum, a floating facade frames Anne et Valentin’s Flagship, creating the illusion of a continuous opening that masterfully enlarges the boutique’s visual street presence, while flooding light into the space. The gesture sensibly reflects the brand’s character while strategically mediating the existing structural and time constraints.

Exposed steel columns anchoring two steel beams above now frame the additional open storefront. The interior exposes an atelier, which centers the brand’s craft, and a showroom catering to the brand’s retail focus on personalized consultations. Details and materiality were tailored to the specificity of both technical and every day needs. The result - a boutique with an identity to reflect the strong sense of craftsmanship and character that is Anne et Valentin.

Contractor: Ideal Interiors

Interior cabinetry manufactured by: Aardvark Interiors